CloudSTUDIO-CAP is the solution for QA in the Intake process. Wether you want to enhance QA in your existing application rollout procedures, wish to check the quality of your supplier, or are an IT system integrator yourself, CloudSTUDIO-CAP will help you raise quality while at the same time lowering costs - in your local network and in the cloud.

Pre-configured rule sets like cloudCAP instantly allow you to start working with CloudSTUDIO-CAP, while still being able to further tailor the rule system to your requirements.

CloudSTUDIO-CAP comes with the specialized rule set cloudCAP to fulfill this challenge. The underlying rule system of CS is highly configurable, thus enabling tailoring to the specific usage scenarios. However, with cloudRA, cloudCAP and cloudMR, we provide three comprehensive rule catalogs, that guarantee accurate results from the start.

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