QA for System Validation and Monitoring

AppSecurer is a full-featured Solution for Checking, Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of your Data Center Server Systems. Changes on your Systems are monitored via scalable methods and checked though our comprehensive rule set.

A successfull Cloud requires a 100% reliable server base. To achieve this, servers have to be carefully set up and configured to optimally perform their task of serving software and data to the customer.

Fingerprint Technology

Therefore it is very important, all servers only differ in those aspects, that need to be different and otherwise are exactly identical. But how to make sure the systems actually are set up to meet these requirements? AppSecurer provides you with a way to analyse the configuration of your systems in great detail, and ascertain integrity of all machines! To achieve this, a reference machine is configured exactly to specifications. Using our Fingerprint Technology, this reference machine is then scanned, resulting in a Reference Fingerprint.

After configuration of another machine is completed, an Inspection Fingerprint of this system can be generated. Comparison of this Inspection Fingerprint against the Reference Fingerprint will reveal all mismatches in the configuration, be it unintentionally differing settings, or necessay differences, that are not met.

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